Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dismal Swamp

First Lock

Lock about to open

Dismal Swamp

Fishing nonstop all day 

Woohoo! NC!

The Dismal Swamp was pretty easy today. We entered the North lock right on time at 8:30 this morning. This was our first lock experience and it was no big deal. We motored south for about 20 miles and exited the southern lock with no problems. The hardest part of the swamp was looking out for submerged logs and branches. We nudged a small one and bumped the ground one time but there were not any issues. This portion of the ICW isn't marked with lighted bouys so we anchored before sunset. We definitely could be making more progress south but with such short days it is better to be safe than sorry. Besides, it is about the journey.

Today we also met some other folks heading south. We entered the lock at the same time as them and motored together most of the day. It is nice to see another boat heading south as late in the year as us! 

Still haven't caught any fish but we are trying...

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