Friday, December 6, 2013

Fog and New Friends

S/V Ceilidh

Bridge Fog

Fishing in the fox

Remember those people I mentioned in my last post? Well turns out we have a lot in common. Jason and Kirsten from S/V Ceilidh ( ended up coming over and rafting up with us on Wednesday night and Matt made us all a delicious curry. It was a relief and a welome distraction to have some new friends on our journey.

Yesterday, however, was not the best so far. After our amazing fun night with our new friends I woke up kinda hung over and sick. Somehow I am getting a cold/sore throat thing and all I wanted to do was stay in bed. On top of that there was super thick fog with low visibility. 

After weighing anchor and getting some breakfast we motored slowly through the fog. We were right at the end of the dismal swamp and our course took us down a particularly curvy section. It was annoying and Matt and I both needed to be on high alert for floating logs or obstructions. I couldn't wait to get out of it. Once out into the Sound Matt was gracious enough to let me take a nap. I slept almost the whole way across and woke up feeling a bit better. Unfortunately the fog delay caused us to be coming into yet another unlit anchorage at night. We followed a barge most of the way that turned out to be somewhat of a blessing. We can't seem to find our spot light and the barge gave us a bit of an idea where to go. Things brightened up (figuratively) when we saw a lone anchor light in the distance. We radioed over to our new friends who arrived a few hours earlier. They had found a safe spot for the night and we cosyed right up next to them. They invited us over for dinner and cocktails and I managed to salvage a somewhat less than fun day. I am feeling much better today so maybe I will skip the being sick for a whole week part.

Should be getting to Oriental, NC tomorrow. We have been turning the SPOT tracker on during the day so if anyone is interest in where we are just follow the link in the 'Where' section above. 

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