Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Fort Matanzas

Fort Matanzas

Our Ellen Louise happily sitting at anchor

Exploring the beach

Happy to be out in the warm sun

Lots of shells

We left St Augustine on Monday morning heading south for a short day. Matt modified the used coupling so that it would work for us. We were still a little apprehensive about the jury rigged coupling so we decided to leave but to take it easy. Not to mention, it was costing us $20 a day to stay there; so we left. St Augustine is STM 778 and we found an anchorage near a historic site next to a park called Fort Matanzas at STM 792.4. 

We pulled in around lunch time to a beautiful, empty anchorage. We found about 10 feet of water and got settled with the anchor. There were a few fishing boats every so often and the park gave pontoon boat tours of the fort but around sunset we were left to ourselves. 

Since we got there so early we had time to explore. We pumped up the dinghy and set out to see what was around. There was a little creek that ran up along the mangroves. We motored up it a bit and Matt had his trolling rod out. Depths were getting a bit shallow so we decided to turn around. Matt and I had a little confusion about which way to go and we almost immediately ran directly into an oyster bed poking a hole in the dinghy and a gigantic PSSSTTT sound. Matt reached underwater and held his hand over the hole while I drove us back to the boat. 

Back at the boat we pulled the outboard off the dinghy and quickly got it out of the water. The gash was about 2" long. Arg. I was pissed. We had a little shouting match about who's fault it was, which was not helpful at all. 

Meanwhile, Matt patched up the hole with a little preservation tape and I got over my unnecessary anger. He got the skiff relaunched and we were out and about in no time. We had a really nice afternoon exploring the tide pools and oyster beds. 

Will have to fix that hole a little better once we get somewhere with shore facilities and can buy a patch kit.  

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