Saturday, December 7, 2013

Oriental, NC

At the public dock in Oriental, NC

Matt always finds treasures in junk shops

Rain! Arg, there was so much rain and wind today it was just miserable. We woke up to a beautiful sunrise and a warm breeze. As I turned to look to the North there was a rather ominous storm cloud heading our way. I knew from the weather forecast that rain was coming today, but it is never really a welcome sight to see dark clouds on the horizon.

We weighed anchor early at first light and got underway quickly. Not quick enough however, as the rain set in about 45 minutes later.  We headed south down the Neuse River into the wind and waves. This particular tributary is rather wide and shallow which leads to confused seas, short wave lengths, and all around strange currents. That on top of the rain and winds made for a rather uncomfortable ride.

We kept our spirits up and tried to remember that we are doing this for fun but it just wasn't cutting it. We were hoping to make it all the way to Beaufort today but after stopping for fuel in Oriental, NC, we decided to just wait out the weather. 

We walked into town and checked out the local chandlery for goodies that we don't really need. We are moored at the local free dock and it is the first time in a week that we have taken a walk. Matt's knee is still bothering him but it still felt good to be out and about. Picked up some more eggs and ice although we have plenty of food and water on board still. We haven't even opened one can of food yet. Thanks to Linda and Sue at Port A we have been snacking on baked goods, chocolates, and tea nonstop since we left Annapolis. 

Should be on our way tomorrow towards Beaufort. Not sure if we will stop there or not. If it is still windy and rainy we may puss out but hopefully we will make some good time tomorrow to make up for today.  

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