Thursday, December 12, 2013

Safe Harbor: Carolina Beach to Charleston, SC

Pulling into Carolina Beach (Photo courtesy of Denise)

Out in deep water


Sunrise in the Atlantic

Tuesday we were planning on making it to Wrightsville Beach and just having a short day. Instead we were pleasantly surprised to get a message from our friends Denise and Kris from S/V Hearts Desire. Denise and Kris were our dock neighbors and friends in Annapolis. They were transferred to North Carolina a few weeks before we left and we had planned to meet up with them but didn't have firm plans.

Coincidentally, they messaged us when we were only a few hours away. We arrived in Carolina Beach around noon and got a slip in their marina. Denise and Kris were like my guardian angels that day. They took us out for cheeseburgers and beers, got me some cold meds from the base, took us to get groceries and hooked us up with hot showers and laundry. Oh and they bought us a spotlight! It was an amazing break and we loved seeing them. Thanks guys!

We woke up well rested and decided to catch up on a few miles by cutting offshore down to Charleston. After running to West Marine we got underway and were out of the Cape Fear inlet by lunchtime. We had an easy 150 mile passage downwind. The winds were light when we left and motored for the first half surfing down waves. In the middle of the night the wind picked up to about 10 knots. Matt got the sails up while I was sleeping and we were sailing downwind at 6 knots when I got up for my watch. 

We got into Charleston around noon and went to sleep immediately. We are tied up to a dock here and gonna figure out whether to go back outside or continue down the ICW tomorrow. We had some funny business happen with our prop as we were pulling in here so we need to investigate that in the morning too. Looks like the prop backed our shaft out of the boat a bit and sounds like it is touching the rudder. Probably was caused from powering in astern so much when we were aground the other day. The keyway came out of the coupling and needs a little attention. We will look into it tomorrow I guess. 

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