Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Solomon's, MD to Entrance of Dismal Swamp

View of Norfolk in the morning from the anchorage

Not quite as cold today

First bridge opening of the trip

Awaiting the lock to open in the morning

We are currently anchored outside the Deep Creek Lock which marks the entrance to the Dismal Swamp. Matt and I have always been the type of people to take the long way around just for the experience. We have been known to drive a hundred miles out of the way to avoid major highways. The ICW is definitely 'the long way' and we are enjoying every minute. We have started to settle into our rhythm and are feeling comfortable in our little boat home.   

We got into the Lafayette River near Norfolk at about 4am last night. We came into the anchorage in the darkness again but didn't encounter any problems. We slept in this morning and got underway around noon. We knew today would be a short day so we took the opportunity to just go slowly and take in the sights. We arrived at the entrance to the lock around 5pm and are safely anchored in 6' of water. Haha! Two inches to spare. The lock opens at 8:30 tomorrow morning so I think it is time for a rum drink or two and some delicious roast chicken. 

Just a reminder: Don't forget to follow us on Instagram. I have been posting photos there during the day that don't always make the cut here on the blog. While we are traveling down the ICW there is cell reception pretty much the whole way so I can post photos on the go. 

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