Sunday, December 22, 2013

St Augustine

Matt caught a fish!

Gigantic Florida homes. 

Navigating the ICW

St Augustine

Diving on the boat to inspect damage

Horse drawn carriages

We have been hanging out here in St Augustine for a few days now. The availability of marine parts has been less than convenient. While St Augustine is a wonderful town full of shops and restaurants, it doesn't provide many options for repair. There are two marine shops that we found; St Augustine Marine Supply and Oil and also a used parts shop called The Sailors Exchange. Both of them are now closed until after the New Year.

Both shops are about a mile walk from the dinghy dock. The Sailors Exchange was a little further. We found an used coupling at the Exchange that will hopefully work for our boat. Matt had to re-drill the coupling holes because the ones in the new coupling didn't line up perfectly with the old one. Also, we needed a new keyway and set screws. This is only going to be a temporary fix until we can order and install a new, proper split coupling. The old one isn't usable any longer as the 5/16" keyway is now wallowed out to more like 5/8". No good. We limped down here with the old one but it isn't gonna work any longer. Good news is that Matt and I got in the water yesterday and inspected the cutlass bearing and propeller. No damage there but did find out that we need a new zinc. No major damage though which is what we were worried about.

The unfortunate thing is that St Augustine doesn't really have any anchorages that are ideal. And, if you do anchor there isn't anywhere to park your dinghy besides at the one marina. They charge $10/day for dinghy access and $20/day for a mooring. We are definitely burning through some money staying here. If we had a bigger budget I could see wanting to stay here for a while but for us it just isn't practical. There isn't a grocer around and the only place to resupply on food is a gas station. I have been told that there is a Win Dixie a few miles away but with so much other repair going on I don't think we will make it out there.

Trying to get everything back together by tomorrow morning to get out of here. Not sure where that will put us for Christmas but i'm sure we will still celebrate where ever we end up.    

PS. We had catfish for dinner Friday night! Didn't get a photo of is because it was getting dark but it sure was a delicious, free fish! 

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  1. We are missing having you here to share Christmas with us but I am so happy to see you fulfilling your dreams. I love following your adventures and am thankful for that fish that covers Matt tattoo. Merry Christmas to you both, Love Laurie