Monday, January 27, 2014

Exploring around Marsh Harbor

Sunset from the dinghy

Matt has been baking bread a lot

Piña Colada

 Look familiar to any Ravens fans?

Secluded beach exploring

Another amazing sunset

Using power tools to get some coconut water

We are still here in Marsh Harbor. I haven't been posting because we really haven't been up to much. Walking around town looking at shops, exploring by dinghy, snorkeling, fishing from the boat, just general relaxing. 

The weather has been pretty nice. The last week has been a mix of 70s and 80 degree weather. When the fronts blow through it gets pretty windy but is still nice. It did rain the other day and we had a small emergency: our laptop died. We found a place in town that sells brand new, still in theaters, illegal burned DVDs and were stoked to have new entertainment for crappy weather. Although maybe a bit unethical, the selection is amazing. We were watching The Wolf of Wallstreet when the screen started freaking out. Somehow rain water got in and fried the thing. We don't have a tv or anything so the laptop is the only way to watch DVDs. Luckily, we have an old laptop that works, it just doesn't have a charger. We knew it was gonna rain again and wanted to be able to watch movies if we are gonna be stuck inside. 

Well, we walked around this damn place for like 7 hours (ok, maybe that is an exaggeration but we went everywhere!) looking for a 5 year old toshiba charger. We ended up buying one from a computer repair place that is like 5 miles away. They had an old one they use for repairs. Only $25. Rip off. Just kidding. We were happy to find one and knowing places around here a new charger woulda cost us almost $80. Victory! 

Anyway, not much else new. Time to start thinking about our next move pretty soon. Not sure what the plan is as of just yet. 

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  1. Did you get the boat fixed?
    Plenty of cool spots to check out in the Abacos!