Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hoffman's Cay

Rum drinks (no ice)

Nothing around

Storm in the anchorage

Looking down from the top of the cliff

Blue hole from inside a cave

Beautiful abanded beach

We left Lucaya and headed south towards the Berrys. We anchored near Hoffman's Cay in what we thought was a protected anchorage. Well it turns out that it wasn't that protected. There were much better anchorages just around the corner but our draft was too deep to get to them. We spent 5 days in that anchorage waiting out the strong weather. The wind was 25-30 knots out of the North sustained for days. It wasn't a very comfortable place to be anchored but we were safe. We put out two anchors and dove on them to make sure they were buried well. Our fortress was in a grassy patch so Matt had to pick it up and swim it over to a sandy patch. Once both anchors were in sand we felt pretty good about our position. We worried about dragging anchor a bit but we didn't budge. 
Even though the anchorage was less than ideal, it was paradise there. There was amazing deserted beaches around us on both sides. We hiked up Hoffman's Cay to a blue hole in the middle of the mangrove forest. We jumped off a cliff into the blue hole. We explored in the dinghy and dove in the water for Conch. It was a pretty amazing experience just to be so isolated from development.

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