Thursday, January 2, 2014

NYE: West End to Lucaya

Old Bahama Bay at West End is basically just a spot to check into customs. It is a very high end hotel and marina. It appeared to be the sorta place people go on honeymoons. Walking paths, pool, tiki bar, gym, beaches. It is a nice place to visit but seems a bit inauthentic. There is nothing outside the marina within walking distance and cost us $60 to stay there. 

We decided to head to Lucaya on the South coast of Grand Bahama Island. Lucaya sits about 25 miles from West End. The winds were forecasted to be 20-25 out of the North. Although it was more wind than ideal we left anyway. 60 bucks is 60 bucks. We headed out around 9:30 and put up sails right away. We had a good angle on the wind reaching for about an hour when things changed. The wind wasn't supposed to shift to the East for another day. Well, it shifted to the east and was right on our nose. We sailed close hauled for the rest of the passage. 

The boat handled perfectly. Our windvane functioned pretty well and drove the boat to the wind. We sailed for at least twenty miles of the twenty-five. It felt amazing to be using our sailboat as a sailboat instead of a powerboat with a mast. 

We spent New Years Eve at the local tourist area which had a Motown band and fireworks. We will propably stay here until Saturday or Sunday waiting for the next weather window. Next stop is Chub Cay in the Berry Islands. Until then we will be doing maintaince, swimming, walking on the beach, and taking it easy. 

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