Thursday, February 27, 2014

Land Yachting

Took a road trip over to the Gulf Coast to visit Matt's parents who were on vacation in Siesta Key. Siesta Key is near Sarasota on the West coast of Florida about three hours from here. 

The beach there is vast and impressive. It is crowded with American excess, and we loved it. Matt's parents took us out to dinner and it felt good just to catch up without worrying about the boat. 

We are back in Palm Beach now and were welcomed home with a huge fireworks show. I am guessing it has something to do with Mardi Gras next week but it was a fun unexpected surprise either way. 

West End to Palm Beach

Sunset in Old Bahama Bay

Chloe and Stefan

Sunrise in Palm Beach

We arrived at Old Bahama Bay knowing that we would need to wait for a few days for a weather window to cross the Gulf Stream. It was nice to stay at a resort marina for a few days with a pool and private beach. We relaxed and swam and are wonderful food. While we were there we met a fun, awesome couple and got to have dinner  with them a couple times. It was a nice respite from worrying about boat safety and anchor dragging. 

We planned to cross on Sunday night to arrive in West Palm on Monday morning but woke up at two in the morning to severe thunder and lightening. We waited for the storm to pass and we able to leave around 7am. Our Gulf Stream crossing was light and glassy. The extra days of waiting at West End paid off because the winds were light and variable and the seas were less than one foot. Once again, we didn't even notice anything strange while crossing the notorious current. If I hadn't known it was there ahead of time, I wouldn't have I noticed it was there. 

We arrived at West Palm beach about 4:30pm and safety anchored with no problems. Thanks to some other friends we met along the way we have access to a free mooring for a few weeks in Palm Beach. (Thanks Johnny!) we will be here for a bit while we figure out what we wanna do next. The Bahamas were a fun adventure for a couple months but it feels good to be back in the States. 

(Ps - Our phones are back on now in case anyone misses us and wants to say hi.)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Green Turtle and Guana Cay

We left Treasure Cay with the intent to head straight back to Grand Bahama after spending a beautiful week in Treasure. We headed to Green Turtle Cay about 20 miles away. We had to go outside the inner cays to get there which meant going out one inlet and back in another. We had heard from other cruisers that it could be a tricky passage but it turned out to be a calm, easy day. We arrive in Green Turtle early afternoon and picked up a mooring ball. Inside the harbor it was very calm and we were happy to be on a mooring ball rather than anchored. 

We arrived on Valentines Day with no real plans. Matt and I generally don't like to go out on that day because it always seems very inauthentic. Another boat arrived the same time as us and it turned out they were also young cruisers. We went over to their boat for a bit then headed out to see what the town was like. There went much there but we found one very fun beach bar that had special Valentine themed drinks. The four of us were the only ones there but we had a blast. It wasn't your traditional romantic day but none the less a very exciting night. 

We were planing to leave on Sunday but heard that there was a beach on Guana Cay that was not to be missed. We hopped a ride on a go fast power boat and headed to Guana for the afternoon. The beach was amazing and the beach bar was a pretty entertaining experience. I'm glad we stayed the extra day but felt good to leave the next morning. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Treasure Cay

We made it to Treasure Cay which is only about 15 miles from Marsh Harbor. Next stop is Green Turtle Cay. We have to wait out a windy front that is coming. If the inlet isn't settled enough we will have to wait until Saturday to make it out and around The Whale inlet. Anchored here in the harbor for now. We will make a decision in the morning. 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Time to go

Planning on leaving Marsh Harbor tomorrow. Got the coupling installed yesterday and changed the oil today. Gonna fuel up in the morning and head out of here. Exploring the Abaco Islands is on the schedule then heading back towards Florida. 

The Bahamas have been fun and interesting but also kinda a let down. There is a lot of poverty here and the rum is not as cheap as people say. The beaches are unbelievably beautiful and the sunsets are amazing but the sustainablity of living here long term seems a bit daunting. Assuming you could get work; everything costs so damn much it almost doesn't seem worth it. It's been a real adventure but I'm not sure this is the place for us, at least for now. 

The winter frontal systems kept us from getting as far south as we planned but maybe it's a blessing that we didn't go further yet. We had some serious break downs and it was a good thing that we were here to get parts and fix everything. From here we will head back West along the North coast of the Abacos then cross the Gulf Stream back to Florida. 

We don't have any grand plans yet but Ellen Louise has been known to do 55 mph to windward in the past. The West Coast is calling...yolo.