Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Back in Florida

Sand storm 



The weather was turning pretty narly by the time we were entering Florida so we knew it was time to get new tires. I had been watching them for a few days and the rear tires were rapidly getting worse and worse. 

After getting new rear tires it had gotten really late so we decided to find somewhere to stay. We pulled into a spot at a walmart and snuggled in for the night. The rain started and didn't stop for 2 days. We set up the tv in the back of the van and waited for it to lift to continue toward Palm Beach. It wasn't really getting lighter so we decided to keep going but take it easy. About an hour later it was still pouring and we saw a billboard for a free tour and wine tasting at a winery. Why not?! We can wait one more day to get back to the boat.