Saturday, March 22, 2014

Deflatable Dinghy

Remember that storm we ran into in Northern Florida? Well, I guess it was a pretty bad storm in West Palm also because when we got back to the dinghy we had quite a surprise waiting for us. 

We paid to keep our tender at West Palm Sailing Club assuming it would be safer there. The area we are moored has a lot of crime and we were a bit worried about someone stealing our outboard. When we got back to the club we found our dinghy half deflated, under water and our outboard tied to the dock. Some locals at the club informed us of the casualties of the bad storm; our tender being hit the worst. We were told the outboard was under water for about two days. 

It was early evening when we arrived and immediately drove to a West Marine to get a patch for the inflatable. The store was out of the good patches so we had to use the temporary West Marine brand patches. The packaging said it takes 6-12 hours before we could use it in the water. (Great, another night sleeping in the van.) 

In the morning the patch seemed a bit schetchy at best. Matt went to work trying to get our sunken outboard fixed instead of worrying about the patch. It took him most of the day and another trip to the store. All of his tools were on the boat so he had to make due with cheap generic gas station tools. At the end of the day he got it running great and it wasn't the worst thing that could have happened so we were still happy. Then dinghy was another story. The patch was holding air but leaking slowly. It was holding enough air to get us out to the boat but needs some more attention. For now, time to get some rest.