Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Disaster at Disney

After leaving the winery tour we headed back towards Palm Beach. The gps said it would only take about 3.5 hours but it was still raining and the traffic was backed up. Our route took us through the middle of the Disney area so we stopped at Downtown Disney to take a look around. One of the attractions is a restaurant called the T-Rex Cafe. It's kinda like a Rainforest Cafe if you have seen those.

There was a long wait so we decided to walk through to wait at the bar. About 5 seconds after we were inside there was a loud bursting and water gushing everywhere. One of the main fish tanks in the restaurant sprung a big leak and completely soaked the tables next to it. Little kids were crying and grandparents were laughing. The employees acted fast clearing the area and tried to catch the water in trash cans. Two employees climbed down into the tank with little nets to save the fish. The fish were freaking out and the employees obviously had never been inside a fish tank before. 

Once the guys in the tank figured it out though they were removing the tropical fish and putting them in another bin where the fish were safe. It was pretty exciting but handled efficiently. The bar didn't close during the commotion either.  

Nice job Disney. Save Nemo!

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