Monday, March 24, 2014

New Adventure

Ellen Louise is going home. We have come to a point where a decision needed to be made. What to do next? Matt and I both decided that California was where we want to be next, the question was just how to get there. Obviously one choice is to sail there via the Panama Canal but that doesn't seem like the most efficient option. While we do enjoy sailing, making that trip on our budget with our 50 year old wooden boat just doesn't have very much draw for us. Our other option seems to be the same way we got to this coast: trucking over land. So, it is decided, the boat will return to San Diego on the back of a boat moving truck. We have thought about this choice a lot and we always come back to the same choice, we like the West Coast more. That is all there is to it. Plain and simple. 

The boat is all packed up and ready for it's journey. While the boat is making it's trek we will also be making our own trip across the country in our land yacht - the Imperial big blue Vandura. I'll be checking in and posting about our road trip and we will meet the boat in San Diego around April 4th. Should be a fun ride. 

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