Sunday, March 9, 2014

Planes, trains...

ICW and Atlantic Ocean 

Natty Boh

Yes! The only good thing about winter. 


A few days after returning from Siesta  Key we found ourselves high above the sea traveling faster than imaginable back toward the winter. We were surprised to find out that spring had not yet arrived to the North East; snow was falling to the ground. We spent a few days in Maryland visiting family and friends, playing in the snow, and trying to enjoy the winter that we have been avoiding. One afternoon we were walking in the woods and came upon some forgotten sleds. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to relive my childhood excitement so I took a few rides down the hill. It was bliss. 

The real reason we took the flight was to pick up some of our land toys. Florida is not a particularly easy place to be without transportation and seeing as we happen to own two land vehicles we figured we might as well use them down in Florida. 

We bought our van from some other cruisers who also ended up in Florida but didn't want to be tied to cars any longer. We also thought seriously about giving up all of our land possessions too but decided to keep these. The bike actually fits inside the van so it is easy enough to hold on to. The van doubles as a place to live if it comes to that. (Maybe park it down by the river.) Anyway, it will be nice to have the van around town for a little while. 

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